Big Pond Improv Festival
Aug 15-17, 2019

Saturday Schedule


Saturday, August 17th





Vermont Comedy Club's professional improv touring company brings their fun, "Whose Line is it, Anyway" style comedy to the stage (with a little help from some audience volunteers)! These hilarious improvisers perform all over Vermont for corporate events, private functions, school groups and more.


blind date

Put on your best dress, spray on that cologne, and come on out for some laughs with Blind Date. We'll romance you with how second and third beats as you laugh at the chaos that happens on stage! All of our members have trained at Sea Tea Improv.


improvised history

Swashbuckling Sea Stories! Join the cast of Improvised History as we sail the high seas in search of fortune, notoriety, and revenge. We’re all about pirates, privateers, buccaneers, and other seafaring glory seekers ne’er-do-wells. The show will be inspired by historical texts and then the ensemble will weave an entirely improvised narrative of how we think things might have gone down.

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tootin’ hand

Tootin’ Hand is a brand-spankin’-new house longform team from Vermont Comedy Club, made up of Sam, Melyssa, Dustin and Elise. Their boisterous, playful style has made them an audience favorite on Thursday nights.


twong & agnes

Twong and Agnes is a longform duo made up of Tuong La and Angus MacDonald, improvisers from Waterloo and Ottawa Canada. They explore grounded scenes filled with unusual characters in normal situations.



CLASSIC is an ode to stories. Vinny Francois and Kevin Pinkoski combine multiple narratives for a hilarious exposition of the absurdity that drives us all. Each tale is a patient, emotional, and detailed exploration of insanity and humanity. Prepare to watch seemingly normal people have their eclectic wants, needs, and desires revealed -- all for the comedy in storytelling!


improvboston mainstage

The ImprovBoston Mainstage is the cornerstone of professional comedic talent at ImprovBoston. Showcasing their signature style of All Form improvisation, the ImprovBoston Mainstage blends fast-paced games, hilarious scenes, skillful storytelling, and memorable music into a never-before-seen show. No rules. No boundaries. Just spectacular comedy delivered by an elite cast of the best improvisers in New England.


stabby cannibals

Get ready for things to get weird, but in a cool and relatable way.

After performing and teaching together for the last half decade, Stabby Cannibals (made up of Montreal improvisers Stefan Spec and Kate Bradley) is confident in their ability to not stab and eat everyone at the end of every show.


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the unmentionables (& friends)

The Unmentionables are Vermont's most seasoned long form improv team. This group of quick-witted improvisers has been performing for over 5 years throughout New England at bars, theaters, town halls, hotel conference rooms, crepe restaurants, bowling alleys, and even an abandoned Jazzercise studio. In November 2015 they became the MainStage long form improv troupe of Vermont Comedy Club, performing every Thursday night. The team has been featured at festivals in Hartford, Providence, San Diego, Montreal, and at the Del Close Marathon in NYC.



A late-night comedy show that's "Whose Line is it, Anyway" for grown ups! In this interactive, no-holds-barred comedy throwdown, our professional team of improv comedians will create spontaneous scenes (with a bit of help from some audience volunteers). It’s a Friday show that’s fearless and f*!@in’ funny. Mature audiences only! This one will get rowdy — and you won’t want to miss it!

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LACK (Liam, Annalouise, Catrina and Karlie) is a brand-spankin’-new house longform team from Vermont Comedy Club. Their energetic, ridiculous style of play has made them an audience favorite on Thursday nights.



In “Bird and Friends: Cosmic Unity,” improv veteran Michael Bird creates the improv show with the audience. That means anyone watching, at anytime, can jump into his improv set if they’re so inspired. Bird takes all choices made by the audience and weaves them into the show already happening, creating a fully cohesive long-form improv show. Bird and Friends has been featured in festivals across the US and world including India, Canada, and the Philippines.