Big Pond Improv Festival
Aug 15-17, 2019

Thursday Schedule


Thursday, August 15th


7:30PM SHOW:



Gillian and Steph are two moms running on the memories of what sleep used to feel like. But they won’t let that exhaustion stop them from meeting your inquisitive needs. If you have a burning question about life, love, or anything in between, come snuggle on the couch with Go Ask Your Mother. They'll give you the answers you need, because they know what's best for you.



Pisco Sour are Hannah Cartmel, Niro Jeyachandran, Julie Santini, and Eliazer Kramer. The Montreal based improv troupe specializes in fascinating narrative improv, where they make up an entire mini-play on the spot, which takes place entirely in one room. The group has performed at the 2018 Mprov festival in Montrea, and in 2019, they were awarded first place in Montreal Improv's annual competition, "Threepio.”



Described as funny "beautfiul improv", five member Celine Dior returns from its exuberant one month run at the Vermont Comedy Club this spring. The troupe welcomes a special guest and using an audience suggestion will enter that guest's life in wacky fast paced performance. Be prepared for a transcendent experience watching this critically acclaimed group.



BOOM CITY has been performing its brand of short form improv all around VT for the past two years. It combines wild improv games with audience participation to create it's incredibly fun, fast-paced comedy. BOOM CITY is comprised of members who engage in many facets of the comedy scene but are strongest when brought together! Like the Avengers, or maybe a sports team of some kind...analogies aren't really what they are known for.



Campbell presents an improvised montage of scenes that take place in one world and reveal honest and relatable moments and relationships. Prepare to see outspoken characters who bluster through their lives in identifiably awkward scenarios.



Local educator and comedy powerhouse Shelly Mathias has teamed up with her mild mannered son to bring you a show with limitless possibilities. Will their mother son connection provide an almost mystical level of comedy cooperation? Will things be said that will result in a serious rift in their relationship? You will have to come to find out!

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Gross & Fancy is a long form improv troupe from Burlington, VT. They are frequent winners of the weekly "Indie Rumble," and perform at other venues around town often.

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Though not actually members of the aristocracy, nor truly amphibious, Gentleman Frog combine wit and adaptability. Members Adrian Beattie, Anne Goad, Antony Hall, and Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd bring contagious wackiness and dynamic whimsy to the stage. Brought together by late-night comedy shows and a love of making people laugh, Gentleman Frog has spent the last three years performing on stages across Toronto. Having recently returned from the Ottawa Improv Festival, Gentleman Frog are ready to storm the improv festival circuit. Separately, members have already performed in the SheDot Festival, Tiny Deck Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, Vancouver Improv Festival, and Toronto’s own Big City Improv Festival. Togetherly, they want to introduce you to weird characters, take you to even weirder places, and just generally get weird. The Froggies can usually be caught having way too much fun on stage and having a wicked time. NO REGRETS!

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Kingdom Kids were formed 70 years ago in the forests of Northeastern Vermont, when Senator George Aiken bestowed upon the region the aspirational moniker of "The Northeast Kingdom." These nymph-improvisers (or nymphrovisors) hibernated underground before emerging in the 1980s and 90s as adolescent comedians, forming an appreciation for nature and being bullied by dumb jocks in such towns as Lyndonville, Sheffield and Newport.

Scientists believe that – having spent so much of their lifecycle in the NEK – these improvisers tap into a shared consciousness that allows them to read one another’s minds. One day, Kingdom Kids will perform a comedy set that perfectly encapsulates the bitteweet nostalgia of growing up in a haven of Carhartts and chainsaws, drugstores and diners, and together they will turn to dust, fertilizing the soil of the Northeast Kingdom for generations of improvisers to come.