Big Pond Improv Festival
Aug 15-17, 2019


Want to volunteer to help out with the Big Pond Improv Festival at Vermont Comedy Club in August, 2019?


comedy fans, We need your help!

Hey, are you a fan of improv comedy? Do you have a reasonably well-functioning brain between your ears? Do you want to be part of a dope team of other comedy fans, get cool perks, and be generally revered for your selflessness by other people? Consider volunteering at the Big Pond Improv Festival! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. You're already a hero to us! 

Big Pond Volunteer Application

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Specific skills you have that might be valuable to this festival. (Graphic design, sound/lighting experience, project management, etc.)
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One that you would be willing to drive around town, obviously.
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Check all dates/times you would be available for training/orientation. (You will only be required to attend ONE, but please check all dates you are available.)
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By submitting this form you understand that this is a volunteer position, and any compensation will not be monetary. (Plenty of high-fives, perks, gratitude, etc.) We will try to accommodate everyone's requests with regard to specific positions or schedules, but we cannot promise anything. Got it?
Photo Credit: Kyle Tansley

Photo Credit: Kyle Tansley