Big Pond Improv Festival
Aug 15-17, 2019


Representation Roundtable!

Representation Roundtable!


Saturday: 5pm-6pm
Date: Aug 17, 2019
Cost: FREE! (limited slots)



Representation Roundtable

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Let’s talk about what we can all do to diversify the voices in comedy (and the world)!

One of the greatest things about bringing together improv performers, educators and fans from across the country for the Big Pond Improv Festival is that it creates an opportunity to share ideas. In this informal, yet loosely-structured hour-long discussion, we’ll share stories and practical ideas of how to improve representation in our respective comedy scenes.

If you’ve been successful increasing representation in your scene among people who are LGBTQ+, POC, older, female/nonbinary, disabled, or other underrepresented groups—or if you’re interested in doing so, let’s talk! We want to hear what you’ve done that’s worked, what you’ve tried that hasn’t, your brainstorms, questions and criticisms. What are your biggest challenges? Where is the most untapped opportunity in your area? How can we help each other out?

Let’s cross-pollinate in order to make everyone’s scene better! This is a FREE event, but space is limited, so register now!

About the Moderator

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Natalie Miller is the co-owner/operator of Vermont Comedy Club (and a producer of the Big Pond Improv Festival). In addition to being an improv performer and educator, she produces and co-hosts ROAR, a regular standup, improv and sketch showcase featuring female, nonbinary and other underrepresented voices in comedy. Improving representation is an extremely important issue to Natalie, and over the past 4 years, together with her partner Nathan Hartswick, she has created programs and increased efforts to grow the diversity of Vermont Comedy Club’s calendar of headliners, stable of local and regional talent, students in the training program, and employees.

Natalie is a frequent speaker at events for women’s empowerment in Vermont, and received the 40 Under 40 “Rising Stars” Award from Vermont Business Magazine.